Our Story


I’m Steve Leisher, founder of Revivorship Holistic Cancer Wellness Center.
I was diagnosed with stage for squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue in 2010. My treatment consisted of a long series of both chemo and radiation. Because the radiation treatment was focused on my mouth, neck, and tongue I eventually require a feeding tube because even drinking water burnt my radiated mouth unbearably.

I had problems speaking, walking, even talking sometimes was beyond my capacity. The pain was so intense at times I had to take a regiment of serious painkillers.

It was a long period of my life that I hope to never have to relive. If you’re reading this you probably can relate more than you care to.

Thanks to my wonderful medical team I was cured of cancer. I was never more grateful for my life. But I was also never less capable of living it to the fullest. There is something very ironic about that isn’t there? Cancer survivors know how precious every day is, yet so many of us are too tired, brain fogged, pained, and imbalanced to get out there and seize the day. We wonder if we ever will be able to again.

We can even feel like we are failing in our progress. We are cured, so why aren’t we healed?

Because my cancer treatment center, co-founded by Dr. Daniel Vicario, offered an integrated care regimen, I had become aware of the great value holistic treatments could offer. I was provided with Acupuncture, yoga therapy, nutritional counseling, massage and so much more while undergoing treatment. I started to wonder if those modalities could return me to the state of pre-cancer well-being.

I spent the next several years searching for the best practices and practitioners in the post-cancer wellness world. I discovered many modalities that provided me with relief. My chemo neuropathy has been all but completely resolved. I can taste and enjoy food again, I have vitality. I enjoy my second chance at life.

That is why I started Revivorship Holistic Cancer Wellness Center. I hope it can help you to live your life with the joy and energy you deserve.

 - Steve Leisher