Our Story

My name is Cosima Lux. I was the Clinical Director at Revivorship Holistic Cancer Wellness Center.  Sadly, Revivorship closed its doors due to financial challenges, in late summer. I continue to help our past patients find services with the providers I came to know so well as their clinical director and I am happy to do the same for you, even if you are only now hearing of Revivorship.

As a healthcare provider with decades of experience in both Eastern and Western medicine, I have a unique understanding of the diverse needs of patients and knowledge of how to work collaboratively with different medical teams. Revivorship™ brought the best of Eastern integrative care to work within the framework of Western medical understanding. Patients were seen holistically as related to their healthcare, physical concerns, emotional wellbeing, and within their own care circle. As you can see on our services page - beneficial services were quite extensive.  I am happy to help you navigate what might support you best in your healing, free of cost, as I continue to serve this community of patients, caregivers, and families. If you would like, I can follow up and help find you services until Revivorship reopens under new direction.  In the mean time, if I may be of assistance, please reach out to me via the contact inquiry or via email at cosimareviorship@gmail.com.

In kindness,