Our Story

Revivorship is going through some big changes - though its current model will be closing down. We are excited to announce that it will be returning in the next year or so as an improved model: namely, an incorporated 501c3, not-for-profit health center that will hopefully be in a more underserved community, assume grants, and offer all patients a sliding scale.

All prior Revivorship patients will be notified upon the new organization's opening.  If you are not a patient of record but would like to be notified upon opening, please make that request here.

All current providers will continue to see their patients (Note: cancer care is all of our providers' specialty but not their limitation) either in their other clinical spaces, in patient homes, or will rent space from the wellness center taking over our physical space (Bamboo Garden Wellness).  Whether or not you were a patient of record, if you would like to contact a current Revivorship provider for an appointment, please place your request here:

Services offered include: acupuncture, Ayurveda, craniosacral, expressive arts, emotional fitness, group support, lymphatics, lymphedema treatment, meditation, oncology massage, reiki, skin care, sound healing, thermography, and yoga therapy.

All clinical notes will be safely archived for the next seven years. If you need any or all of your records from your time at Revivorship - please complete this form here.

Please note we will be hosting our Thermography event with Dr. Christine Horner on 8/17 from 530 to 630 - to see details, click here

We look forward to welcoming you to Revivorship 2.0!