For Providers & Caregivers

Hello and welcome!

My name is Cosima Lux. I am the Clinical Director at Revivorship Holistic Cancer Wellness Center.

As a healthcare provider with decades of experience in both Eastern and Western medicine, I have a unique understanding of the diverse needs of our patients and knowledge of how to work collaboratively with different medical teams. As a Primary Care Provider, I very often saw cancer survivors who would tell me “technically I am cancer free but…” and then share an extended list of long and short-term side effects from their disease and its treatments. Many of which caused pain, systemic distress and hindered the enjoyment of their lives.

How I wished for a place that offered integrative services that could provide safe and effective treatments to help with my patients' cancer side effects! I was aware of the evidence that showed that Eastern interventions, like Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, and specialized forms of massage, like lymphatic drainage, for example, could provide significant healing and relief.

Unfortunately, no place existed that specialized in integrative holistic cancer treatment. When Revivorship opened I knew it could be the solution for so many people in need! Revivorship™ brings the best of Eastern integrative care to work within the framework of Western medical understanding. We leave no stone unturned to help our patients live the best possible life.

At Revivorship, patients are seen holistically as related to their healthcare, physical concerns, emotional wellbeing, and within their own care circle. Initial free private consultations are available with patients and caregivers alike, together, or individually.

We prioritize the caregiver too, whose health is often compromised by the emotional, mental, and physical difficulties of caring for an ill loved one. Revivorship™ has specialized treatments and support groups for caregivers as well as a unique support structure through association with the Family Proud platform.

Revivorship™ offers relief and healing to those who suffer from cancer and cancer treatment-related side effects, but is not exclusive to the care of cancer patients - we welcome anyone looking to improve their health. I look forward to speaking with you and letting you know how Revivorship can help you live your best life! So call today - your initial private consultation is completely free, and I’m happy to answer any questions!


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