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To learn is to keep growing.

Finding out you or someone you love has cancer can be one of the most shocking experiences of our lives. At Revivorship™ we understand how this feels because we ourselves have been there.

There is an entire world of education one must comb through to understand the ramifications of a cancer diagnosis and the long-term effects of cancer treatment. The good news is you no longer have to sift through that mass of information on your own.

Revivorship™ offers community education seminars on a wide-ranging topics from health and wellbeing, to finance, creative pursuits, and more. Perhaps you are just curious about how a specific modality works. We understand how confusing, frightening, and frustrating cancer diagnosis and treatment can be so we’ve made it our mission to help people just like you learn exactly what you need to navigate the world of cancer diagnosis and treatment through our patient education for cancer patients programs.

Cancer Care Education for Patients and Families

As Encinitas, CA neighbors, we know that we have rich resources right her in our very own community. We’re proud to offer community workshops where we welcome our community members to offer workshops and take workshops from those who have been through the struggle of cancer diagnosis and treatment. We believe that sharing our unique skills and understanding with each other makes us all wiser and our lives richer.

We invite you and your loved ones to attend one of our community workshops or reach out if you have information or skillsets that you believe would help enrich the lives of our neighbors here in Encinitas and the San Diego, CA area.

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"Learning is one of the greatest joys of my life. If I’m not learning new things, I’m just running around the same old thoughts."

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