Financial Help for Cancer Patients in Encinitas, CA

Especially helpful for digestive, hormonal, and other physiological difficulties.

Undergoing cancer treatment can be an extremely difficult time for you and your family. Apart from the treatment itself, there may also be financial burdens associated with the medical costs. At Revivorship™, we try to make getting financial help with cancer for patients and their ongoing treatments as easy as possible.

Finding the best financial help if you have cancer is overwhelming. Our experienced financial guidance counselors will sit down with you and your family to discuss the immediate and long-term costs of treatment. Your counselor will discuss payment options and assist you in applying for a loan if required. If you have insurance, we will also coordinate with the provider to ensure you receive financial guidance under your policy. We’re confident that the financial help for cancer patients that we provide will help eliminate excess worry, so you can put your main focus on healing.

Financial Help For Cancer Patients Treatment

There are so many advantages and benefits of financial help for cancer patients. The most obvious is that you’ll receive financial guidance from a credentialed professional. Nothing is left to guesswork on your end as your financial counselor provides a step-by-step process on what to do. This drastically minimizes errors on applications that can lead to delays in payment and potentially a delay in treatment.

The financial guidance for cancer that you’ll receive is also specific to the situation. Our counselors aren’t generalists in the finance sector. Their specialty is in financial help for cancer patients and post-cancer treatments.

Financial counselors for a cancer patient at Revivorship™ will continue to provide guidance even after the treatment duration ends. This includes any additional costs associated with post-cancer follow-up treatments. If there are issues with the insurance company, then we will also assist in getting the issue resolved.

The fact is that financial burdens can continue long after treatment, and financial counselors for cancer at Revivorship™ can provide further directions. This includes comprehensive financial planning into the future and how to manage payments and balance your budget.

Readily Available Assistance & Financial Help for Cancer Patients

With today’s remote technology, financial guidance and counseling don’t have to be in the form of an in-person meeting. Connect with a counselor anytime anywhere via Zoom meeting at your home or even in the hospital room. Essentially, asking questions is as easy as making a quick phone call, sending an email, or dropping a Line message.

You’re already dealing with so much regarding your health, appointments, and treatments. One of the greatest advantages of getting financial help for cancer patients at Revivorship™ is having peace of mind. With guidance on financial help with cancer, it’s one less area you have to worry about, or at least be concerned to a lesser extent.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of having that peace of mind. Dealing with financial stress when you’re already dealing with cancer can be physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing and lead to further health complications. Financial help for cancer patients indirectly keeps the stress in check.

Financial Help For Cancer Patients From a Place That Understands

Whether it’s you or a loved one, a cancer diagnosis can change your world in an instant. It’s an extremely difficult moment that will entail regular hospital visits in the coming months. Our counselors are here for your financial help with cancer. Understand this and will provide the step-by-step information you need - all while being understanding and compassionate.

Your Life Is Worth Living To The Fullest. Chemo and radiation save lives, but they also take a significant toll on your health - physically, mentally, and emotionally. We can help you live your new life to the fullest because no one understands the value of life quite like those of us who have been touched by cancer. Let Revivorship™ in Encinitas, CA, be of assistance. Contact us today at (858) 956-0077.

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Financial Counselling

Stressed about money?

Financial stress is reported by a majority of cancer survivors. It’s not a surprise given the length and cost of treatment and toll treatment can take on body and mind (like fatigue and brain fog). Many cancer survivors find going back to the career or job they had previously is not feasible or desirable.

At the same time financial stress is correlated to cancer reoccurrence so it is of utmost importance to make appropriate plans which reduce your anxiety and provide for a balanced financial wellbeing.

An appointment with Steve Leisher can help you sort through your financial situation with compassion and clarity. He can help you strategize about the present and the future with a focus on heathcare, insurance, savings, and other considerations that are right for you and your loved ones.

Steve went through lengthy cancer treatment and recovery himself and therefore makes it a priority to provide patients sage advice on how to live the rest of their lives with the minimal possible amount of stress about financial matters.

"We thought our financial future was pretty well set - then I got cancer. Everything changed - our savings went towards treatment and I couldn’t do my job anymore. My financial fears were creating so much stress. I’m so glad I talked it through with an experienced expert. He helped us plan and planning gave us peace of mind. The sooner you talk to Steve, the sooner you’ll have less stress."

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