Psychotherapy Treatment for Cancer Patients in Encinitas, CA

Dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, isolation, worry, or fear?

Cancer diagnosis and treatment is a traumatic experience for those of us with the diagnosis and our families as well. Navigating the psychological aspects of diagnosis and treatment is something most of us don’t consider until after we start our recovery process and the side effects of cancer treatment become known: anxiety, stress, depression, and a host of other conditions abound after cancer treatment. That’s why getting professional support is an important step upon diagnosis, during, and after, treatment.

At Revivorship™ we are proud to offer psychotherapy and counseling services for cancer patients in a variety of forms that include grief education and other specialized counseling, because we know just how important it is to feel supported through our struggles and become whole again.

What Counseling and Psychotherapy Services are Available for Cancer Patients?

Whether it’s one-on-one therapy, couples, family therapy, or group support, talking about what you’re going through prevents you from getting stuck in it. But talk therapy is not for everyone - sometimes there are other exercises we can do including guided journaling, art expression, movement, mindfulness and breathwork, that can be of more benefit depending on the person and the circumstance. At Revivorship our specialized counselors strive to find the best fit for what works with you. This is vital to moving past our diagnosis and treatment and accepting the healing we need psychologically as well as physically.

Therapy can help you move forward in your life and begin to enjoy the preciousness of each day; those precious days that become very important following a cancer diagnosis.
As cancer survivors, we don’t always realize how our fear about the future can hold us back from living in the moment. That fear affects our relationships with our spouses, our careers, and our health. And while that fear is normal and to be embraced, having the support through this process is essential to growing and healing.

"I’m so grateful to my therapist for helping me to reflect and find a way through my pain to a new way of “just being” in my daily life."