Reiki Therapy for Cancer Patients

Rest and Receive.

When it feels like life has just spun out of control and you could use some restorative care or healing touch, consider giving yourself an energy healing Reiki therapy session in Encinitas, CA.

Reiki therapy is an important part of the cancer recovery process. For many of us, who suffer from pain and conditions related to blocked energy in our bodies, Reiki therapy can help push that energy through our bodies to alleviate pain, in any of its many forms.

Often mistakenly referred to as Reiki massage therapy - reiki is not a massage, but rather an energy healing technique that simply requires you to lie down, rest and receive. Practitioners are trained to sense your specific needs and focus their attention where your body requires extra support by moving stagnant energy.

How Does Reiki Therapy for Cancer Patients Work?

Reiki therapy aims to help the flow of energy in a similar way to acupuncture without the needles. Improving the flow of energy can enable deep relaxation, reduce pain, and minimize other symptoms and side effects such as fatigue and stress.

As a cancer patient or someone looking for energy healing in Encinitas, CA we invite you to schedule a session with one of our energy healers in order to assess your individual situation and needs. It is a calm, comfortable, and relaxing process by which you simply lie down and receive healing energy from a practitioner who is trained to intuitively connect with your needs. Communication of your goals or concerns, however, is always welcome with our Reiki therapists.

If you’re considering Reiki therapy for your individual healing needs, call Revivorship™ today and learn more about our philosophy and modalities of energy healing.

"It felt like my body was communicating with her hands without my speaking a word. To this day I don’t know how it worked, but I fell into a deep state of relaxation while the session progressed and when it was over I felt something profoundly healing and restorative had occurred. "

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