Sound Healing Therapy and Mediation in Encinitas, CA

Immerse in healing frequencies to calm your nervous system.

Sound healing is a powerful meditative and healing process that uses sounds with a variety of frequencies to calm our nervous system. The effects of sound healing therapy are powerful and particularly pronounced when it comes to treating the side effects of cancer treatment.

The concept of Sound Healing is that different sounds have different frequencies and different frequencies affect us in different ways. If you’ve ever felt annoyed and stressed by the sound of leaf blower, but felt calmed and joyful through music you intimately understand the concept. Sound therapy is the application of that process to heal and calm our nervous system especially after traumatic events like cancer diagnosis and treatment.

How Does Sound Healing Therapy Work?

There are certain frequencies that create uniquely healing states for our bodies all the way down to the cellular level. Cancer is ultimately a cellular imbalance and our ability to turn on our tumor suppressor genes is of paramount importance in preventing recurrence.

In sound healing sessions, optimal frequencies are played over the body, vibrating through blood, organs, and cellular tissue. A Sound Healing session can return your body to homeostasis, initiate deep relaxation, release stress and reset your cellular metabolism.

If you or someone you love has experienced a cancer diagnosis or stepping into cancer recovery, we encourage you to contact Revivorship™ today to discuss the benefits of sound healing therapy and mediation in your life. Call today.

"I felt entirely in tune with the healing sound frequencies. I felt that I, myself, was vibrating with them all the way deep to each cell. I could swear all the emotional toxicity was unlatching from my tissues and finally being released.”

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