Cancer Support Groups in Encinitas, CA

Connect with other Survivors who understand what you’re going through.

Cancer can be scary. Cancer often makes us feel like we are alone against the world like we have nowhere to turn and no one understands what we are going through. Truthfully, most of the people around us, including our friends and families, truly don’t know what we are going through.

Cancer support groups are vital to the process of cancer treatment and recovery because they allow us to recognize we are not alone. Others, just like us, have gone and are going through the same struggle. The bond a group shares is a powerful part of the process of overcoming cancer treatment.

Why Use Cancer Support Groups?

The purpose of our support group - Thriving with Illness - is to promote wellness in the face of illness and to offer participants, who are either in the midst of chronic illness or those who have recovered from their illness, skills to continue on the path of not only living but thriving in life.

At Revivorship™, our cancer support group sessions are interactive with group participation for those who wish to share, not only the difficulties they are presently facing, but the insights they have gleaned from illnesses that are healing. The moderator for these groups is herself a cancer survivor and two-time caregiver who understands and supports your process. These groups often engender hope and recovery and offer insights into everyday living.

If you or someone you love is struggling with cancer, we encourage you to contact us at Revivorship™ to discuss our cancer support groups and learn exactly how they can serve you in our specific situation. Call today.

"Being a cancer patient, then a survivor is isolating. Even while being surrounded by family and friends I often felt separate and different by virtue of my cancer experience. It felt like some people didn’t even know how to talk to me anymore. (Some didn’t talk to me at all.) In my support group, I felt deeply understood and even uplifted. It felt great to know I wasn’t alone."

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