Integrative Yoga Therapy for Cancer Patients Encinitas

A must for regaining physical and emotional wellbeing.

Yoga therapy has long been used for both physical and emotional wellness. At Revivorship™ we use Yoga Therapy to help our patients work through the side effects of cancer treatment including brain fog, anxiety, pain, neuropathy, and grief.

You do not need any special skills, a certain level of strength, or a level of flexibility in order to participate in and enjoy Yoga Therapy. Yoga Therapy is highly individualized depending on the experiences you are currently living and those that may continue to affect you long term. You and your body are unique and Yoga Therapy allows you to work with your body and mind to overcome many side effects of cancer treatment and other conditions.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is individualized one-on-one care, with a certified Yoga therapist, targeted at a specific condition or discomfort. Yoga Therapy modifies the practices of Yoga - including gentle movement, meditation, breathing practices, and deep relaxation - to the specific needs of each person.

As a mind, body, spirit modality Yoga Therapy has been proven to offer relief from bodily pain and stiffness, it can help you deal with stress, anxiety, and depression and even address addictive and self-destructive behaviors. It provides documented benefits during cancer rehabilitation and to those with other chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

How Can I Participate In Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is for everyone, not just cancer patients. Although we focus primarily on supporting cancer patients with Yoga Therapy, any and all struggling with the aforementioned concerns are welcome to participate in our Encinitas Yoga Therapy sessions. We look forward to serving you.

"Yoga has been an ongoing part of my life for decades. Targeted yoga therapy brought me back from near-crippling pain, gotten me through addiction to pain killers, and the practice always leaves me feeling stronger, more vital more peaceful, and connected. Many people say “Yoga saved my life” I would say Yoga helped me to live a better life."

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